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Problems paste text from webpages

Posted: 2003-12-08 10:24:48
by MacSailor
I've got NWE 1.1a and have severe difficulties when I'm trying to paste text, that I have copied from webpages, into NWE. The only thing that is happening is that I see a bar saying Read RTF.... It seems to get stalled and it seems to take forever before something happens. I do not even no if the NWE succeeds to read the RFT and paste the text, because I quit the process after 10 minutes of no progress.
I have sent this bug, together with a screenshot to Nisus, but have not heard anything about a fix yet.

Will there be a fix soon? :?:

I use a PowerBook Pismo, 640Mb, Panther.

Posted: 2003-12-08 13:23:20
by charles

I think you might be experiencing a bug that did not surface until after we released 1.1. It has been fixed and should be in a maintenance release, due out soon.