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problems with equations

Posted: 2004-02-14 03:24:20
by zlatotopka
When I paste or import equations into NWE document equations change resolution. when I try to print document text comes out fine but equations don’t print or are barely visible on paper.
Anyone knows how to solve this?


Posted: 2004-02-14 09:57:37
by charles
What do you mean by "changing resolution"? Do they get smaller or turn grainy?


Posted: 2004-02-14 12:48:42
by zlatotopka
They look pale on screen and really grainy on paper.

problems with equations

Posted: 2004-03-10 11:57:03
by rmark
I think that the following explains what you experience.

Currently, Nisus Writer Express turns every graphic it gets into a bitmap, which yields poor quality images in some cases. We know that we need to add vector graphic support. We hope to include it in the next version, if possible.