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occasional hang when opening .doc attachment from OS X Mail

Posted: 2004-03-05 07:38:27
by MartinJConnolly
I'm using NWE 1.1.2, with OS X 10.2.8, on an iMac G4/800/512Mb.
Occasionally when I open up a .doc attachment from within Mail, NWE just hangs with a menu bar and spinning beachball. It never displays the "converting to RTF" message, and it just refuses to get killed. Force quit from the dock, from the force quit window, process viewer or plain kill from the terminal - all do absolutely nothing. I can't sleep, shut down or restart my mac, although I can use any other app. Pressing the switch for 5 seconds is the only way to kill the thing. Has anyone else seen this? I never seem to have problems if I save the attachment to my documents folder and open it from there.

Posted: 2004-03-06 06:49:59
by wolfcreekadman
I think it's the Mail program. We sometimes transfer NWE files from one computer to another via email. And the files do seem to get "goofy"...crashing, not saving, etc.

Another thing that is happening is that Word files sent to me via email are converting automatically to NWE!

Posted: 2004-03-12 12:49:14
by rmark

It depends on what happens to be in the rtf file you're trying to open.

If the file has tables, or "same-page section breaks", Nisus Writer Express does not, currently have these features and, therefore, cannot display (nor open) the file.

We're working on this and it should be fixed in the next update of Nisus Writer Express.

Thank you for your patience.