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How do you transfer your Nisus program to a new computer? 
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I just bought a new MacBook and don't know how to get the program off my old computer and on to my new one. Any advice?


2010-10-02 21:03:19

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In addition to Nisus Writer and Nisus, the following files and folder are related to the program. You’d better move or copy them from your older Mac to the new MacBook so that you can restore your working environment in it:

• /Users/you/Library/Preferences/com.nisus.NisusWriter.plist

• /Users/you/Library/Preferences/com.nisus.NisusThesaurus.plist

• /Users/you/Library/Application Support/Nisus Writer/ (folder) exluding Document Manager Settings which may cause a problem.

Are you going to part with the older Mac? If you keep it, the licence permits you to use Nisus Writer in two Macs unless running it in them simultaneously.

2010-10-02 23:54:38

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I'd advise you to use Apple's Migration Assistant. When you are setting up your new MacBook it'll ask you if you have an older Mac and want to migrate files across from it to the new one. Just say yes and follow the directions it displays (you'll need a firewire cable to connect the two machines, although in theory MA supports Ethernet for migration I don't advise you to use it, it's buggy and often doesn't work properly. Firewire transfers are very reliable). That way you can move everything across from your old Mac in one go, not just Nisus.

2010-10-03 04:17:10

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Hi Elizabteh,

Actually, it's very easy: Just download the program from the Nisus site, launch it, input your license - done.

Kind regards


2010-10-03 11:31:51
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dshan's suggestion to use Apple's Migration Assistant is a good one. It can transfer all your application, as well as the supplementary data Kino mentioned (like your Nisus Writer preferences). But if that's not a possibility, you can indeed transfer those files manually, and then just re-enter your license key on the new computer.

2010-10-04 13:43:37
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