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Word completion

Posted: 2010-08-28 10:14:35
by kirkesque
So another thing I'm puzzling over: Word Completions. I would swear to the fact that I tried this upon my trial version of Nisus and it worked, but now I'm questions if I did or not.

In other software I'm using, the auto-complete for my frequently used words works fine. In Nisus, it is not. If I go to Preferences and check the Auto-complete As You Type box, it does offer me dozens of words as I start typing. However, none of the offered words are the ones I frequently use (proper names, places, etc.). These are words I have saved to the dictionary.

The Complete feature in the Edit menu doesn't seem to do anything at all (and the keystrokes set up for that feature call up the Force Quit menu box, which is amazingly strange default setting). Again, I wonder if it's just something extremely evident that I am missing, if there's a bug in the system, or this is just not a feature of Express.

Any suggestions?


Re: Word completion

Posted: 2010-08-29 11:45:18
by martin
Express (and Pro) both offer completion, but it isn't sensitive to the content of your document. In other words, the auto-complete will list all words from the dictionary.

The keyboard shortcut for completion is just the escape key (ESC), I'm not sure why it displays in the menu with the Command and Option modifiers. I'll file it as a bug, thanks.

Re: Word completion

Posted: 2010-09-11 19:15:11
by kirkesque
Another possible bug or maybe it's just designed this way, but after I've added certain words to the user dictionary, they will not show up in auto-complete drop lists. I've noticed it is words which contain diacritics.

Since the vast majority of my writing involve what are to an English speaker are foreign words, this defeats the purpose of the auto-complete function. Even with a third program (like Spell Catcher) the function doesn't work in Nisus Express.

For all it's good qualities and streamlined services, the few key elements I tend to use are absent for me in NE. *sniffle*

I'll go pout and continue the lengthy keystroke typing of my Slavic and Turkish words. :wink:

Re: Word completion

Posted: 2010-09-11 23:58:47
by Hamid
kirkesque wrote:[...]
I'll go pout and continue the lengthy keystroke typing of my Slavic and Turkish words. :wink:
Why not use QuickFix for this tedious task?

Re: Word completion

Posted: 2014-10-23 22:42:35
by Matze
Hi Martin,

where is the dictionary located? I would like to change its content, if possible.

And feature request: please make NWP and NWE sensitive to the content of a document and/or the dictionary. This would be a huge feature for NW, I guess, cos no other Texteditor has it, as far as I know.

Best regards, Matze