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Blog Article...

Post by ultramookie » 2004-04-08 07:50:26

Here is an article I wrote in my blog about the different word processors, including my new fav NWE:

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Post by charles » 2004-04-12 08:51:34

Nice article, Ultramookie! For all the magazine reviews we get, what is most important to us is that we come out on top in our own users minds! This is the sort of thing that definitely keeps us working so hard to add all the features we know our users want!


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Post by eolake » 2004-05-22 12:41:01

I agree with Mookie: I like NWE a lot because it looks right, and it just *feels* right. And it is very fast and nimble. If you are a fast writer, it is just ridiculous when the app lags behind you, it takes your attention and slows you down.

At 1.1.2, it has everything I need now. And 2.0 will have everything I imagine needing in the foreseeable future.

Also, good choice with RTF as standard format.

I am starting some large writing projects, and I am looking forward to seeing how it will go in NWE.

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Post by gemboy27 » 2004-05-25 06:57:22

However, with RTF, it is hard to imbed images with any kind of formating.

and - who IS incharge of the ignorant - some people, if you send them a RTF will know know what to do with it...

but I totally agree, even if I am going to do something in a word file for a class, I create it in NWE, the best.

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