Not able to save as or open in abiword format

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Not able to save as or open in abiword format

Post by MacSailor » 2004-04-08 12:42:40

I've got NWE 1.1.2 and have tried to save some files in AbiWord format and also tried to open files orginally made in AbiWord, but all I get is some strange messages like "Save - could not save document".

Has anybody at all been able to save and open AbiWord from within NWE?
Peter Edwardsson

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Post by ultramookie » 2004-04-08 20:10:11

Hi Peter,

I just tested this with AbiWord 2.1.1 (MacOS X) and Nisus Writer Express (1.1.2) on my 10.3.3 iBook. I was able to reproduce it also. I could not open a document created in AbiWord with NWE. And I could not save in NWE to an AbiWord file format.


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