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Nisus Hebrew vowel problem

Posted: 2011-01-21 09:24:43
by David A.
I've encountered a problem in a Nisus Writer Express document originally created in Nisus Writer Classic: In a word with a tav, a dagesh, and a kamatz at the end, the kamatz follows the word, rather than sitting below the final letter. The word in question is "katavta." I played around with the word and discovered that, in this particular word, at least, the dagesh and the kamatz won't coexist in the final tav. When I removed the kamatz, then removed the dagesh, then typed the kamatz, the kamatz was just where it was supposed to be: under the tav. But when I subsequently added the dagesh, it as now the dagesh that followed the word!

I opened a new Nisus document and typed "katavta." It worked perfectly: the dagesh and the tav were just where they were supposed to be. But when I copied that word and pasted it into my older document, the problem persisted.

To sum up: I can type "katavta" correctly in a new Nisus document, but I can't tweak an older document (i.e., a new Nisus document based on an older Nisus Classic document) to display this word correctly. Any suggestions?

Re: Nisus Hebrew vowel problem

Posted: 2011-01-21 13:25:08
by martin
You might check and see what fonts the files are using. Apple's text engine only supports proper placement of Hebrew vowels for some fonts. If the fonts are the same, perhaps you can send us both files for comparison?