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nisus new file

Posted: 2004-04-28 16:36:16
by julian
how can i make a format for the new file with the margins at 1 inch? i cannot seem to do this. also, why does the top margin appear on my screen to be the same size as the bottom but when it is printed, the top margin is double that of the bottom?

thanks in advance

Posted: 2004-04-28 17:28:40
by charles

You can change the margins of a new file through the "Margins" palette. In the tooldrawer pop-up menu (that probably says "Writing") change to "Sections" and you will find it. You can also drag the margins directly just by clicking on them.

Currently it is not possible to set up the application so that all new files will have these margin settings. This is part of a feature that we used to call Nisus New File, and it will be returning to Nisus Writer in the next release, due out in the a few months.

The pages, however, SHOULD print out just the same as they appear on screen; the top margin should not be any different when you print it. Does this always happen or is it a specific document that is having the problem?


Posted: 2004-04-29 06:18:09
by julian
Actually my top margins are, when printed, larger than the bottom, even though I have them set to the same. And this is not a printer problem because it prints out the older Nisus 6.0 docs perfectly. Any ideas?



Posted: 2004-04-29 12:31:02
by rmark

Just for the record, what printer is it?

May I guess: Epson?

Please take a look in the Page Setup dialog and see if there's a "center" button or check box there.