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Recently added 100-150 fonts, now-frequent crashes

Posted: 2011-03-14 12:34:39
by davidasposted
Hello forum users,

I used the search function here to see whether another user has described my problem and did not discover any posts; please forgive me if this problem has been identified in the past.

I am running NW-Express on a Mac (OSX 10.4.11). I recently added 100-150 fonts to Font Book, the native font manager. Since that time I have experienced frequent crashes of NW-Express at various times (though not consistently): when first loading the program, when changing a font, after saving a document, etc. Are these crashes relating to attempts by the program to render the fonts as they appear in the tools sidebar? Is there a maximum number of fonts NW-Express can handle?

I have used NW-Express for several years now and never experienced a crash until now, when they occur several times every day. Little help!

Re: Recently added 100-150 fonts, now-frequent crashes

Posted: 2011-03-14 15:24:59
by martin
There's no limit to the number of fonts Nisus Writer can handle, but it's possible all the new fonts have destabilized OSX's font server (the thing that all applications talk to for fonts).

My first suggestion would be that you try restarting OSX (if you haven't already). Next up: select all your fonts inside Font Book and validate/verify them and see if any errors turn up.

If troubles persist, you might want to try clearing your OSX font caches. Corrupt font caches have been the source of all kinds of text problems: crashes, garbled displays, etc. Generally you'll need some kind of utility application for this (eg: FontNuke).

You could also send us a feedback report after Nisus Writer crashes (use the menu Help > Send Feedback after you relaunch Nisus Writer). That report will include some log files that may help us identify the problem.

Re: Recently added 100-150 fonts, now-frequent crashes

Posted: 2011-03-14 22:04:45
by Hamid
Also remove duplicate fonts. They do cause crashes.