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create tabs using keystrokes

Posted: 2004-05-11 06:33:42
by Stephen
Martin and Dave hi,

Love the product. One thing: how can I create a tab by using keystrokes? Manually clicking on the ruler to insert a tab is OK, but if I want to place a tab exactly at 6.0 cm isn't there a way I can do that by typing in a command instead of fooling around with the mouse, trying to align the tab precisely at the 6.0 mark?

Thanks in advance,

Stephen Joyce

Posted: 2004-05-11 09:11:12
by charles
Hi Stephen:

1. Click on an empty part of the ruler. This will create a new tab.
2. Double click on the new tab. This will open a dialog where you can set the location and alignment type.

It is not completely keyboard based, but at least you can set the tab location precisely.