Same Page, Sizing Headers, Section page numbers

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Same Page, Sizing Headers, Section page numbers

Post by Speireag » 2004-05-19 18:43:59


I'm just checking out the Nisus demo. I'm looking for a feature which I used to have in WriteNow. You could select a block of text and tell WriteNow to keep all of it on the same page. If the formatting above then pushed some portion of it across a page break, the entire thing would be put on the next page. Very useful for keeping headers with the first paragraph afterward, and the like.

Is there any way to do this currently? How? Is it on the future feature list?

How can I get a smaller header or footer than the default?

In a document I'm currently working on, I'd like page numbers to start over when I start a new section, so that I could have in the header "Section X, Page Y", with "Y" being the page number since the start of "X". Is there a way to do this?

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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Post by charles » 2004-05-19 21:44:24


The "keep text together" feature will not be in 2.0, unfortunately, but it is on our list. This is an important feature for many people.

Also, you currently cannot change the default header and footer setting for new documents, but this WILL be in the next release.

You can currently make number restart. Look on the "Section" palette (under the Sections group in the pop-up menu in the tooldrawer). Place your cursor in Section 2 and check the box next to Starting Page:.

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