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TrueType font problem -- I think 
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I'm evaluating the demo and immediately ran into a very weird thing. I use a TrueType font that shows up in every other app as "VTScreenplay-Remington." It's a vintage typewriter font I use instead of Courier (has more personality). Never had a problem with it (still don't -- from every other app). In NWX it doesn't show up in the font list; rather I find a mysterious "Courier Final Draft," which I otherwise can't find on my system. This strange new font doesn't appear to be my missing Remington. It prints just like Courier. Any ideas, anyone? I'm running OS 10.2.8.

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2004-06-15 17:53:53
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Please check to see if the situation is the same when you open the font panel in TextEdit.

You don't indicate whether you are using the Font panel in Nisus Writer Express.

If you see the same situation in TextEdit as in Nisus Writer Express, the problem is in the OS and not Nisus Writer Express.

Even though you write you use Jaguar (OS 10.2.8), for additional information on how OS X handles fonts, take a look at these articles.
…and viewing previews of their characters. Managing fonts in Mac OS X Panther is similar to managing music in iTunes. You create collections of fonts (like ...
... Get the most from the exquisite selection of resolution-independent fonts in Mac OS X Panther with the new Font Book, which lets you install, preview, search ...
... Mac OS X has multiple Fonts folders. Where you install a font determines when and who can use it.

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2004-06-16 12:31:48
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Joined: 2004-06-15 17:44:00
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Thanks, Mark. Yep, it's the same in TextEdit. I will check out the links and see what I can figure out. Any chance this is something that will be handled differently in a future NWX update? (Not being able to just zip-bang use my favorite writing font without futzing with the system makes me a little :cry: bummed).

I appreciate your help.


2004-06-16 13:38:06
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You must have the screenwriting application, Final Draft, installed on your computer. The font, Courier Final Draft, gets installed along with the application and it's intended to give screenwriters at least a limited choice in chosing fonts.

(In this respect Hollywood is stuck in a 1940s mentality. For the sake of standardization, it's considered bad form if your screenplay doesn't look like it came out of some kind of typewriter.)

2004-06-16 14:15:55
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