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NWE cuts out on cut

Posted: 2004-06-25 08:54:16
by croth

I have grown to like NWE even though it lacks many of our old Nisus tricks - mainly, I'm happy that it works in OSX. Nonetheless, I'm about to dump NWE because I continue to have problems with cutting text. I am working on an iMac with 776 megs of ram. Fairly consistently, if I have a fair sized text - currently ~ 40 Mb - and I try to cut a sentence or two, I get the spinning ball and NWE is completely blocked. I end up having to Force Quit or NWE dies on its own after some long time. This does not happen it I remove the text by back spacing letter by letter. Also, this is a Nisus specific problem. Word has other tricks but doesn't block like this, LightWay Text works fine, Wrangler handle huge files without a hitch.

I have written to Nisus several months ago and sent an example file. The problem may be the way Nisus retrieves the text to cut or handles memory - typically, the problem does not occur if I have just restarted the Mac but has happened on both this iMac and my portable, both on OS 10.3 but previously I had the problem in 10.2.

I'm curious to know if I am the only person with this problem and I'd be happy to learn of a method to escape it.

Thanks for your comments,