Writers without border

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Writers without border

Post by dennisg » 2004-07-13 10:22:48

I just started using NWE for the first time, and I've run across something that has me stymied. I like to put a border underneath my header information (to separate it from the body text), but I just don't see any menu command that deals with borders. Am I missing something? Is NWE missing something?
- Dennis

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Post by charles » 2004-07-13 12:17:53

Hi Dennis:

First of all, thanks for trying out Nisus Writer Express! Unfortunately, NWW does not support borders on paragraphs right now. This is something that we have planned for the future. When NWE2.0 come out very soon now, you will have tables, which would permit you to do something similar. That is by no means the end of what we plan to do, but it will be a start anyway. 2.0 will be a free upgrade for all 1.x users.

Charles Jolley
Nisus Software, Inc.

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