Is this a common problem: freezing?

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Is this a common problem: freezing?

Post by cj » 2004-07-27 11:17:58

I tried to send feedback but it didn't work, so I thought I would see if this is a problem for anyone else.

1. Working on a document.
2. Spinning beachball.
3. Massive paging.
4. Must force quit to exit NWX.

I checked my console log and found nothing.

The only thing I think, and I want to stress I am not certain, happened before is that NWX was very sluggish upon working in a document each time this happened. I will observer more closely, though after switching completely to NWX, this has happened to me twice within the last week. It is the unacceptable error in a word processor, and not something I had problems with in Word. I would like to continue to use NWX, but if this behavior continues I will be forced to find another word processor. Stability is the number on requirement for me; nothing else coming close.

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Post by croth » 2004-08-10 03:21:06

Hello cj,

I don't think you are alone in having NWX block. I have noted numerous cases of the spinning beachball. For me, the situation usually arrives when I try to select and delete a phrase in a document that I have been working on. I don't know if the fault lies with Apple or Nisus but like you, I see a lot of activity, presumably paging. Force quitting and reopening the document usually removes the problem and restarting certainly does correct the problem until the next time.

I hope that version 2 does not have the problem.

Good luck,

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Post by cchapin » 2004-08-10 06:48:15

Hello, cj and croth!

I sent feedback (by e-mail; the feedback mechanism in NWE didn't work for me either) to Nisus a day or two ago regarding the very thing croth did -- that is, selecting and deleting a phrase brought on the spinning beach ball. cj, does this sound like what might have happened to you? I never encountered the problem until now, but it sounds like it's more widespread than just this one incident in my experience.

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Post by cj » 2004-08-10 09:41:23

I think that is it, selecting text, but I can't seem to duplicate it. It just. . .happens, not very often, but often enough to be frustrating, though not often enough to switch back to Word. I tried the trial of Word 2004, and it was a trial, all right :D

Hopefully, NWX2 will solve the problem. That would be the best bug fix of all.

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Post by cchapin » 2004-08-10 10:36:11

Hi, cj.

Likewise for me: it happens occasionally, but not usually. If my experience on Sunday is any indication, once it starts happening, it likes to continue happening. I did not try restarting the system as Charlie suggested. Maybe that would have helped.


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Post by charles » 2004-08-13 18:45:10


Several people have reported this problem to us, but so far we have not tracked down the specific cause for each report. I believe we have fixed the issues that were causing this problem for 2.0. Please let us know if you continue to have crashes like this though!!!

Charles Jolley
Nisus Software, Inc.

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Post by mmallett » 2004-08-27 17:25:14

Having this issue as well. It occurred when I selected, and then attempted to delete some text. Spinning beachball appeared, and basically hammered the whole system: moving in between othere applications was slow and halting.

Hopefully v2.0 nails this.

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