Macros and fonts

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Macros and fonts

Post by scishop » 2004-08-05 09:14:26

Can I change the color of text through perl scripts? How?

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Macros and fonts

Post by rmark » 2004-08-10 14:48:06

scishop asks and Nick renewed the question.

I'm not an authority on this aspect of Nisus Writer Express. However, I was able to get some (I hope) useful information.

Non-Applescript Macros can change text color, but the user would have to be familiar enough with RTF to be able to change the RTF version of the text, without breaking it. With Applescript it is much easier:

tell application "Nisus Writer Express"
set color of characters 1 thru 5 of text of document 1 to {30000, 0, 0}
end tell
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