My line spacing feature has Alzeimer's

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My line spacing feature has Alzeimer's

Post by dennisg »

Here's an odd thing, one that I haven't seen addressed anywhere on this forum. I'm a new NWE user, so I'll admit up front that there may be a lot about it I don't know. But this just seems weird: I'm a writer and I set up a book chapter I'm writing with NWE to have spacing of 1.7 lines. When I shut down my computer the other night, then started up the next morning, my spacing in that same document was set at 1.0 lines. Okay, I thought, maybe I inadvertently reset it. So yesterday I really paid attention to it. I highlighted the whole doc, set the spacing at 1.5 lines, then did a Save. This morning, when I loaded the doc, it was set at 1.3 lines. So, what's going on here? I'm absolutely positive I didn't manually set it to 1.3.
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Post by MacSailor »

I've got the same experience with NWE 1.1.x. Hopefully it will be all fixed with the release of NWE 2.0. If not, it will be bad news for all of us, but I have full confidence in the Nisus staff and their ability to fix this bug.
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Post by charles »


This is a known issue with 1.1.2. We are working on a fix for 2.0, which will be out VERY soon....

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Post by Tacitus »

charles wrote:Hi:

[SNIP] We are working on a fix for 2.0, which will be out VERY soon....

Yippee!!!! Does that mean before the end of August??? Hope so as I've got a research project starting in September and I'm hoping to use NWE2 from the start.


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