Spell check bug

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Spell check bug

Post by dennisg » 2004-08-13 11:14:54

I mentioned in another post that I'm new to NWE, and I've been using it to write a chapter in my book. It's a good word processor -- very functional and convenient. But I've found a couple of bugs that are fairly annoying. The first one I already mentioned in a previous post -- the line spacing seems to change within a document every time I load it up. The other bug is in the spell checker. I'll type a line like this:

My dog has fleas.

Here's how the bug appears: I decide I don't like the idea of revealing that my dog has an infestation, and I remove the word fleas, place the cursor just to the left of the period and type a new word, so that the sentence now reads like this:

My dog has puppies.

NWE will often (but not always) flag the new word as misspelled... until I type a space between the word puppies and the period. Only then will the red underline disappear, at which point I have to delete the space. Weird, huh?

Like I said, it's an inconsistent bug, and doesn't happen all the time. Anyone else noticed this?
- Dennis

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Post by charles » 2004-08-13 18:51:39

Hi dennisg:

Both of the complaints you list here are bugs. We have fixed them for 2.0! (Due out any time now...)

Charles Jolley
Nisus Software, Inc.

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