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The Official Nisus Writer Express 2.0 Contest Thread

Posted: 2004-08-16 21:05:25
by dave
This is the official "Guess when Nisus Writer Express 2.0 will be released and win a prize" contest thread. The rules are simple: Guess the date in which we release Express 2.0 and win a free copy of Express 2.0. If more than one person picks the same day, the earliest post is the winner.

Good luck!

P.S. Thanks to dennisg for the original idea and thread.

Posted: 2004-08-16 23:01:22
by MacSailor
Since August 16 did not work as the release day, I will go for the August 23 (just a month a head of my 40th birthday).

Anyway I hope that it will be released before the semester starts at the University at September 1.

Posted: 2004-08-16 23:12:04
by mirko
I'd go for September 3. Planning for Sept 1, finding someting nasty just before it ships, fix, retest extensively: Sept 3.

Posted: 2004-08-17 04:22:55
by RobDog
It's good that we're now talking about release dates, so I guess (hope) it won't be far off! My vote: August 31st.

Posted: 2004-08-17 05:11:44
by dennisg
Gotta be August 26th.

Posted: 2004-08-17 06:27:55
by cchapin
I'll go for August 25. A little earlier than I really expect it, but 26 and 27 are taken, and I'm too impatient to put it off longer.


Posted: 2004-08-17 07:26:02
by JBL
I'll take August 30.

Posted: 2004-08-17 07:40:54
by marc
I'll say Sept 9th... it's my partner's birthday, and she'll be so pleased to get a word processor! ;)

Ah, doesn't matter, just release it soon, I ponied up for v1 anyway! :)

Posted: 2004-08-17 09:19:25
by cj
Well, August 31st would be a bad day if you want any publicity at all, same for the whole first week of September, maybe the second. Trying to compete with the new iMac is just a no-win situation. If you aren't going to release it this week, or the beginning of the next week, then I would wait until September 7th, the first day after Labor Day, the traditional end of summer for Americans.

However, I would note that the front page shows Nisus 2.0 running on an iMac. You could try to ride the iMac 3 wave by offering a discount to people who purchase a new iMac, maybe even get Apple to cross promote NWX 2 with iMac 3, a 2 for 3 deal :)

But I still I say September 7th.

My guess,...

Posted: 2004-08-17 11:43:35
by joao
....Seeing as most of the good dates have been 14 September.

Posted: 2004-08-17 12:39:50
by Meuh
I'm betting on November 1. I've never seen one software developer that could hit a deadline.

Posted: 2004-08-17 15:52:02
by shades
Well, August 16 didn't work too well. :)

Perhaps my son's 32nd birthday - September 9.

so far

Posted: 2004-08-17 19:17:53
by gemboy27
I seem to be the only one in the running, from the original predictions.

Ido wonder about why I picked a friday, I am not sure I would release software on a friday so users could have the weekend to be frustrated.

but I still plan on winning nothing

Posted: 2004-08-20 09:08:14
by MacSailor
Maybe we also would bet on who is going to release their new version first? Will it be Nisus Writer Express 2.0 or Mellel 1.8 who are able to deliver first?

Any bets?

Posted: 2004-08-21 21:16:28
by edd1e
I'll take September 21st