batch file conversion from classic in NWE?

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batch file conversion from classic in NWE?

Post by Pericles » 2004-08-30 15:03:25

I have 100s of files saved in NW classic (6.x) and now face the daunting task of accessing them quickly and easily in Express. My hope is twofold: first, NWE 2.0 will open AND save classic docs (and not just by copying and pasting text into a blank document), and second, there is/will be a quick and eloquent way to convert classic files en masse, not one-by-one. Reasonable requests? Rick

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Post by gemboy27 » 2004-08-30 20:01:22

It seems it would be reasonable to hope that 2.0 would open those files - would work for me, but it also seems it would be a different kind of program that would do batch changes....

Just opening when need would be enough, if only because system 9 might be obsolete
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batch file conversion from classic in NWE?

Post by rmark » 2004-09-07 15:08:09


Please let me know more about what you need with "batch conversion" of Nisus Writer Classic files.

You can assign Nisus Writer Express as the "Open With" application in the Get Info window of Finder. Click the Change All button. This will change all the Nisus Writer Classic document icons to Nisus Writer Express cons. Then, all you need do is double-click any document and Nisus Writer Express will open it.

Beware! There are still some aspects of Nisus Writer Classic files that Nisus Writer Express does not *yet* support (cross references, graphics on the Graphics Layer). So, when you open these files, you may still want to Save As and give the file a new name and put it in a new location so you do not overwrite the original.
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