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NWE locks up after mass-highlight 
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I've been test driving the trial version of Nisus Writer Express for some time now and have been much pleased. However, today I bumped into a rather nasty bug it seems.

I did have a LOT of programs going on my iBook G4 800/640MB when I tried to highlight/select text sprawled over two pages and then copy it. Actually, it was all the text in the document, but for two lines at the top. Meaning to paste it to Text Edit, I switched programs, but the string that had formerly been in the clipboard was pasted instead. What followed was heavy hard disk load and a VERY slow Mac.

I tried to open the Force Quit menu, but everything was lagging so badly I never managed to select NWE, which after some wait, I noticed did not respond. In the end the screen turned black, except for the busy cursor. At that point I simply pushed and held the I/O button, but the computer went into sleep mode. Waking it resulted in the same black screen, so I hit I/O again and turned it on.

Rebooting, i launched some of the programs again (Safari, Mail, NetNewsWire Lite, MSN Messenger, Text Edit) along with Nisus and tried the same thing again. Same result, but this time I turned it off sooner.

I then repaired disk permissions and after that restarted NWE and the other programs, this time selecting all text in the document with Command + A. That worked fine and I pasted the text into Text Edit.

Then I try to select text by dragging the cursor and the same old thing happens, seemingly when the mouse cursor strays from the NWE window!

Yet again I turn the iBook off...

Pretty bothersome, is this a known bug, or am I having a problem?

P.S. When is 2.0 due out? I need a footnote capable word processor that will work well with Word and .doc ASAP. I'm holding back buying one untill I get to test drive NWE 2.0!

2004-09-06 10:18:50

Joined: 2004-09-06 10:03:46
Posts: 2
Location: Reykjavík, Iceland
I also noticed it was using something around 80% of my CPU power just now, causing my fan to run almost constantly...


2004-09-07 18:06:29
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