Column Bug

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Column Bug

Post by cj »

I use a two column format extensively. The page format is:

landscape 8.5x11 inch document
.5 inch margins
4.8 inch columns

This worked fine in NWX 1.0, but now whenever I open a document my columns are reset to 6.43 and 3.37 inches. Manually reseting the columns and saving the document does not help.

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remember I know nothing

Post by gemboy27 »

Have you gone into preference

• New Document
• Advance

or in the document open

Page set up

• settings ----} page attributes
• custom page ------} to your settings

my guess
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Same column BUG for me

Post by freefrog »

It is definitely a bug, not a template/preference problem. I too use 2 and 3 column layouts exclusively and whenever I create custom widths in a multicolumn page and save, the next time I open the document it's reset the the widths of each column to something wonky. I tried messing with template settings, but that doesn't fix it either.

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Post by cj »

It is annoying, but I can reset the columns pretty quickly, so I am coming in off the window ledge :)

I also experimented with saving in different formats. WordPerfect and AbiWord perserve column widths, but I am having trouble with margins. Someone else might have better luck.

Everything else looks good. I intend to do some writing with NWX for a couple hours and see how it performs doing work.

Thanks again, for all the effort.

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