Long overdue thank you

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Long overdue thank you

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I used to be a happy Pages user. There was a lot I didn't like about it but I couldn't complain too much... it worked, it was usable... until it started crashing repeatedly whenever I needed to use the Helvetica Neue font. And then there's the irritating windows it displays whenever unrecognised fonts are used, or the even more infurirating alerts that get displayed begging you to update to the latest version of Pages as soon as they're available. But good luck if you are using an older version of OS X that the latest version of Pages doesn't support. They won't stop the alerts until you update to the latest version of OS X and then update to the latest version of Pages. Oh, it's just beautiful.

Suffice to say, enough was enough. I came across an article that listed alternatives to Pages and I couldn't have come across it at a better time. I gave Nisus Writer a try and a month later after extensive use, I happily made my purchase.

I realise Nisus Writer has been around a lot longer than I've been using Macs, and I'm sure seasoned users have a lot more to say about Nisus than I could, but I am a very happy user of Nisus Writer. I have already needed to contact Nisus Support a few times and from experience, they respond courteously and in good time.

While there are things I would also improve in Nisus Writer, the one thing I cannot fault is the software's stability.

Thank you.

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