uninstall/reinstall to retrieve group?

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uninstall/reinstall to retrieve group?

Post by yaya » 2004-09-13 09:49:29

When I imported a file to Express it added styles I don't want or need. In trying to weed them out, I mistakenly executed "delete selected group" for "writing." (I see now that what I could have and should have done was to delete the styles...) Now I want to retrieve that group which was part of the original default settings. How can I retrieve it?

One idea I had was to uninstall and reinstall Express, but I haven't figured out how to do that (just dragging Express from my Applications folder to the trash didn't do the trick). Is it possible to uninstall?

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Post by cchapin » 2004-09-13 10:10:20

Hi, yaya. Are you saying that you deleted the Writing group of palettes from your tool drawer? If so, it's fairly easy to get it back.

1. Open the tool drawer (if it isn't already open). There's a button in the default toolbar to do this, or you can click View menu > Show Tools.

2. Create a new group and call it "Writing." To do this, click the drop-down menu at the top of the tool drawer and then click "Add Group." A dialog will appear. Type "Writing" for the Group Name, then click the OK button.

3. Keeping that empty palette group open, open the Palette Library. To do this, click Window > Palettes > Show Palette Library.

4. Find the palettes you want to include in the Writing group. (I've changed this, so I'm not completely sure which they are.) You might need to click "All Palettes" on the left side of the Palette Library and scroll to locate them.

5. Drag the palettes you want to include in the group from the Palette Library into the tool drawer. Arrange them as you like by dragging the title bar of the palette you want to relocate.

I think the palettes from the Writing group might be
Someone else correct me if I'm wrong. You can, of course, develop your own custom palette groups to your own taste.

I hope this helps.


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did the trick

Post by yaya » 2004-09-13 10:18:23

Wow. That was quick. Thanks very much for the help, Craig!


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Post by charles » 2004-09-13 11:28:27


The default arrangement of Writing palettes in 2.0 is:

Character (closed)
Pararaph (closed)


Charles Jolley
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