incorrect soft-wrap position

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incorrect soft-wrap position

Post by dushanm »

I'm using Nisus Writer Express 3.5.8b under macOS Sierra X.12.6. To print a web article I highlight it, copy it, paste it onto a new NWX window, then tweak the formatting as needed.

Once in a rare while, after pasting (but before formatting changes) I encounter a line that is soft-wrapped at the wrong spot, and I haven't been able to figure out how to correct this simply. Attached is a snippet of an RTF file that shows this problem: The first line has plenty of room on its right end (for an 8.5"x11" page) to accommodate the word 'States"', but refuses to put it there unless I place a line break after it.

What's going on? 99.9% of the time the soft-wraps are perfectly reasonable, so why the exception, and how do I correct it? Thanks.
soft-wrap in wrong place
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Re: incorrect soft-wrap position

Post by xiamenese »

Just a thought. Turn on invisibles, and examine the spaces between the words that follow. As you say it's come from a web page, my guess would be that they are non-breaking spaces, rather than standard spaces. The editor on the website I'm involved with regularly does that.


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Re: incorrect soft-wrap position

Post by martin »

The problem here is actually the system line wrapping rules and how they affect quoted material. The issue affects text when quotes and parentheses are adjacent like so:
Line one with "quoted
material" (followed by parenthesized text)
In situations like this the last word of the quoted text is forced to the next line, so it's alongside the parenthesized material. In the example above the word "material" is forced to be on the same line as "followed".

This is behaving correctly, at least according to Apple and the Unicode consortium. You'll see similar behavior in other apps for the same text.

If you really want to override the line wrapping you can insert an intervening character that forces a line wrap. I'd suggest a zero-width space or a zero-width non-joiner character, placed between the closing quotation and opening parenthesis.

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