a wholly postive posting.

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a wholly postive posting.

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just want to say that i have every WP there is for OSX, and i am so appreciative of NWE 2. I bought Okito in the early going because it felt pleasant to write in it, and the feel of that has persisted while many features have been added. imagine: tables and columns in the same NotWord! as i read through the piles of postings and see all the problems the Nisus staff had to figure out, i'm really happy to be a user instead of a programmer.

i have gained a great deal of disk space by erasing warehoused alternatives i've kept around just in case the unimaginable happened.

thanks, nisus....

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you know it doode

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thanks for putting a button to support, which takes you right to this forum

which is to say, to support since everyone responds in a fairly quickly and always friendly way.

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