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Does Feeback work in NWE 2?

Posted: 2004-09-16 05:35:56
by HeatherKay

Downloaded NWE2 yesterday. Nice. I'm looking forward to some serious text editing now. Love the auto correction - that's about the only feature I missed from Word. I do have a beef with styles, but I'll save that for another thread.

One question, though. I had a couple of odd moments yesterday that I thought were worth sending as feedback. I filled the form in and pressed submit and got an instant "thanks" dialog.

Now, I know I'm on ADSL but it always took a while for that dialog to pop up with earlier versions. How can I be sure the message has got through?

Posted: 2004-09-16 05:59:22
by cchapin

I had the same concern after I sent some feedback. However, I heard from Nisus about the feedback, so it apparently went through.


Posted: 2004-09-16 07:00:59
by charles
Hi! Your feedback has been delivered when the Thank You dialog appears. We switched from using a e-mail based system to a web based system to deliver feedback, which made it significantly faster.

We are planning to change our feedback system here at Nisus so that you will receive a reply e-mail from us--if you provide a valid address--to let you know we received your feedback.


Posted: 2004-09-16 07:35:43
by HeatherKay
Thanks for that. It was so quick, I didn't know whether it had worked or not.

(Breathes a sigh of relief.)