Converting to html is slooooooooow

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Converting to html is slooooooooow

Post by hsleff »

In NWX 2.0.1, converting a one page (12 kb) NWX file with some boldface and underline formatting (and nothing fancier) to html takes approximately 2-3 minutes on my G4 1.33 GHz Powerbook.

And converting a one-page NWX document containing a 2 column x 14 row table (8 kB file) to html takes at least 5 minutes. Of course, NWX is unusable while the saving process is taking place.

Is this snail-like behavior normal for NWX 2.0.1 or is it my computer?
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Post by cj »

I think it's something with your setup. I just saved a 148KB document, 25,000 words, nothing fancy, regular text, bold, italics, indents, and it took less than five seconds. I also saved a document that was a five column, fifty row table in less time. Both worked without a problem. This was on an iBook G3.

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