Style Sheets very buggy

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Style Sheets very buggy

Post by hatchmo » 2004-09-21 19:52:17

Type a few paragraphs in any document.
Apply List style to some paragraphs.
Switch to Style Sheet view and add a tab stop to List style.
Switch back to Page View, and click in any paragraph with List style.
--The tab stops have not changed!
Now apply List style to a paragraph that did not already have it.
--The new tab stop is there!
This defeats the whole purpose of tabs stops.

Select File->Revert.
You now have 2 of every style! "Revert" multiplies every Style.

(Since version 1.0, Revert has always taken a long time. It now takes up to 30 seconds for a 1-page document.)
Al Hatch

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