Compare Documents in NWE2?

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Craig Turner
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Compare Documents in NWE2?

Post by Craig Turner »

I bought TextWrangler about a month before NWE2 came out, wanting a GREP search and Document comparison function for my article writing.

Well, Nisus took care of the GREP searches, which I love. Now about Document comparisons...

I wonder if anyone on the list has used the Macro functions to compare two documents that are open? I have never scripted and wonder how hard this might be (with highlights showing differences between the docs and so forth)?

Or maybe if a Document Comparison function might be in the offing in a future version?? :wink:


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Post by mcgreenx »

I logged on to see if NW Express had a compare function, which it apparently does not, so I voice a vote for adding a compare feature.

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Post by Ryan »

Not that this is high on my list of must-have-or-else-I'll-never-write-again features, but just before logging into this forum tonight I ran into a situation where a compare function would have been quite useful.

I was able, fortunately, to solve my dilemna by comparing file modification dates, so no need to worry about me. But this feature, at some point, couldn't hurt.

Or does anyone know where to find a macro to do the job?

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