PowerFind bugs in 2.1

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PowerFind bugs in 2.1

Post by rallx » 2004-11-13 06:47:23

First, v. 2.1 is much improved. As someone else said, I now feel like I can recommend NWE as the word processor for the rest of us!

PowerFind still seems buggy, however. For example, I have a list with three numbers each followed by a period and a tab:

1. Point 1 here
2. Point 2 here
3. Point 3 here

I want to replace the period after each number with, say, a ">". So in PowerFind (NOT PowerfindPro) I do

Find What: (09)Found. [note the period after "Found"]
Replace with: Found1>

If I press Next the proper string is chosen, but then if I press Replace & find (or just replace) the number itself is just replaced by the ">". That is the found1 metacharacter is empty.

If I Replace All, then every numeral in the document, including those without periods gets replaced with the number and the ">" so that my list, above, becomes:

1> Point 1>here
2> Point 2>here
3> Point 3>here

If the document had two numerals in a row, say "34" replace all would produce "3>4>" even though neither had a period after it.

I have always loved Nisus' ability to parse regular expressions in a format that normal humans can understand. This ability, almost more than any other single feature makes NWE unique among word processors. But one still cannot depend on it and that is a shame. If I have done something wrong please let me know! Otherwise I do hope that this is a high priority bug fix slated for an early release (2.1.x)

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