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TextExtras is a little freeware widget I found that adds some interesting features to any Cocoa text application, and it appears to work with Nisus Writer 2.1 just fine. (Add the requisite "this may crash your computer, destroy your hard drive and empty your cat's litter box over your dining room table, and don't hold Nisus responsible" disclaimer.)


It has a fair number of interesting features, some of which are more programmer-oriented, but there are two immediately useful ones: it adds a "go to line" command (which actually goes to a paragraph, not a line, in NWX) and it adds a context-sensitive completion key--when you type a few characters and press the key, it looks backward in your document and fills it out with the first whole word that matches. (If you're typing a document that has a name like "Mehrapati" in it, being able to type "Meh" <F5> becomes really useful.)

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Also DevonWord Services

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Another great, and free, text processing services can be downloaded from Devon Technologies. You can find their "Word Services" package at: http://www.Devonthink.com/download/shareware.php.

This package adds several folders (Convert, Format, Insert) of text processing goodies to your services menu and works perfectly in NWE and any other Cocoa menu.

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