Importing old ClarisWorks or AppleWorks documents

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Robin Hood
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Importing old ClarisWorks or AppleWorks documents

Post by Robin Hood »

How can I import old ClarisWorks or AppleWorks documents into NWE? My sister has many of these, and no longer has either of these applications on her computer, so unless I find an old copy somewhere I can not re-save them.

They don't seem to open in NWE.

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Post by Simon »

I have found that the easiest way is to open the documents with textedit remove the ugliness at the top and bottom and then copy and paste the desired text. This will destroy much of the formatting and i imagine tables and graphics too. Alternatly if you get appleworks, which should be on one of your system disks you can save as an RTF document which will keep much of the formatting and pictures but seems to not like tables.

hope this helps.

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what about

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If you have to open the file, what about saving it as a rtf?

I imported a lot of WriteNow files by doing that
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Post by rmark »

Believe it or not, this question was answered in the FAQ on November 22, 2004, three days before it got asked here.

How do I import my AppleWorks files?
There is no documentation of the AppleWorks file format, and Apple has made no move to offer such documentation (or file support) for a few years now. It seems that this information is simply not going to appear from Apple. The AbiWord code (which we use and help develop) has a very basic attempt to read AppleWorks, but nothing even near working. So, even if we had this high on our list of tasks, it would take more effort than we can expend at the moment.

You can, so far as I know, save your AppleWorks file as ".rtf" and open that in Nisus Writer Express.
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