2.1 bugs and missing features

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2.1 bugs and missing features

Post by nspy » 2004-12-02 14:41:37

1. NWX crashes a lot--usually just after ether opening a second file or saving a file. I have yet to use it for 30 min without a crash. It is especially crash prone after waking from sleep.
2. If you open (or paste) a NW classic document in NWX, it appears to have the correct format now (an improvement). However, if you save the file and then try to open in in Word, the formatting is all screwy. At this point, the only way I know to make a file survive the crossing is to save using the Claris translator for Word in Nisus classic, then open that file in Word. A very great pain indeed.
3. Though faster than before, NWX is still way too slow with documents of, say over 100K words. NC can load big documents and display them correctly without delay. If can take NWX minutes to do the same thing.

Missing: (Stuff I have to have or I can't work)
1. Invisible style, so I can maintain a single document that is both printable and can be put on a web site. The html generated by NWX itself is not good enough quality.
2. Mail merge. Because of 3 above, and to keep things in small chunks, I write books in charpter files and then assemble these for final publication. Mail merge is essential, not optional, and I use it for several other things as well (e.g. printing church receipts from an Excel DB and a template). This feature is essential, not optional.
3. It is not at all clear how to use the new macro facility. I can't get it to do anything, but that of course may be just me.

There are other things missing from version 6.5 that I use, but could live without for a while, but until the above issues are addressed, I must keep using classic.

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