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Looking forward to the next update

Posted: 2004-12-05 19:47:21
by hamidlmt
I haven't purchased a word processor since MS Word 5.1. There was just no need. It had all the tools I ever needed to plop down my thoughts and has been with me from System 7.1-9.22. It's the first, only and last Microsoft product I'll ever purchase. It even still works nicely in OSX. But, now I've aquired this snazzy Powerbook (867Mhz 12" Powerbook running OS 10.3.6) and felt Word 5.1 could use a rest. For the record, I'm a bit of a lowend junkie. In June, I built my website on an QuadDoubled 610 with Freeway 1.0.2 (

I tried demos of Mellel and Mariner and dabbled with for a bit, all in hopes of finding that word processor samahdi with the current OS. After reading reviews and trying out the demo for a good while, I took the plunge and purchased NWE 2.0. I was very impressed... simply gorgeous, elegant, speedy. I felt I could really get to know this word processor, over time, gaining the same level of intimacy as my old friend Word 5.1.

2.1 came out and I eagerly downloaded the update. After a short bit of use, I cringe at the thought of using 2.1. It's wholly unusable, as it crashes more than any application I can recall (which takes me back to the Vic-20). I've sent in numerous bug reports in hopes it will help the programers nail down these problems. I am truly flabergasted, wondering how this version made itself available to the public.

May this next update restore my faith...

Next Update

Posted: 2004-12-06 02:02:08
by dshan
The current one is very stable for many users (it certainly is rock solid for me). The question is why is it crashing for some users and not others? In other threads here I've Nisus people say they have found a 2.1 bug involving interactive spell checking and rapidly opening and closing documents. I never use the interactive spellchecker, I always have it switched off, and I wonder if that could be related to the fact that I never seem to encounter the crashes you and others are experiencing? There's also been mention of some unspecified "optimization" bugs introduced in 2.1, but no details as to what these are or what might trigger these.

You and several other people are getting regular crashes out of 2.1, I and others are not. Something must be different in the options some of us are using (or not using) in NWX vs those who are getting crashes--spellchecking, file sizes, fonts, footnotes/endnotes, styles, number of open documents, OS X versions-- _something_ is different, the question is what?

Questions for Nisus:

1. Do Nisus recommend the interactive spellchecking be disabled until the next maintenance release is made available?

2. Are there certain settings/options/techniques people should avoid until the next maintenance release to minimise the chances of encountering the optimization bugs in 2.1?

re: next update

Posted: 2004-12-06 04:27:33
by hamidlmt
Many thanks for your reply. It's actually quite good to hear 2.1 is stable for so many. These bugs don't seem to have anything to do with file size. Just opening up a new document often leads to a crash. Thanks for the tip on the spell check. I've turned it off and will play around a bit more.

Cheers to the Nisus crew... I trust their diligence concerning these issues will be well spent.

Posted: 2004-12-06 15:43:06
by Robin Hood
I use the real time spell checker (as you type), and while 2.0 had some stabiilty issues, 2.1 appears to be close to rock solid.

That being said, 2.1.1 should be out soon, from what I gather. Perhaps that will address the issues you are seeing. It does seem odd, especially considering that 2.0 was stable for you.

Posted: 2004-12-06 18:08:09
by charles

If you are having stability problems, the best thing to do is to avoid opening lots of files at one time and/or closing them quickly afterwards. This tends to trigger the timing bug more than anything else. That said, we are very close to releasing the update; this week unless there are some upexpected issues found.


until the drawer is open

Posted: 2004-12-06 20:17:15
by gemboy27
I have noticed that if you open a file and jump the gun -- try to do anything before the tool drawer is open it will cause a crash.

Express Alternative

Posted: 2004-12-09 05:41:06

Pick up a copy of heavy duty Word killer Nisus Writer 6.5 while you're on the local tracks waiting on the Express. Will not regret the choice!

James Greenidge

Waiting for the update

Posted: 2004-12-09 10:47:46
by jhecht
Add me to the list of people waiting eagerly for the update. I think 2.0 may have crashed for me a few times, but 2.1 is a real problem, crashing a LOT. Usually it happens when I open a file and try to do something quickly. I'm on a dual 1.8-GHz G5, with plenty of memory and disk space. I've seen crashes with only one or two files open; they seem to become more likely when I have half a dozen files open. I never manage to get more than that open before it crashes.

I notice a couple of other things with 2.1. One is long waits with spinning color pizzas, often ending with a crash. The other is that there is a perceptible delay while opening a file when 2.1 shows a dialog box about importing RTF and rendering it.

maybe friday this is moot

Posted: 2004-12-09 20:02:22
by gemboy27
I've been experimenting with draft view, I still have a LOT of crashes, but much less than before

is 2.1.1 here yet

writing a play in two weekends

Posted: 2004-12-09 22:03:01
by martin
Look forward no more: 2.1.1 is now available for download. Just use "Check for Updates" in Nisus Writer Express's application menu.