2.1.1 doesn't fix the spelling bug completely

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2.1.1 doesn't fix the spelling bug completely

Post by jhecht » 2004-12-10 16:48:08

The new version seems a big improvement from a little testing, but the bad news is that it doesn't kill the spell-checking bug completely. I see two manifestions when manually checking spelling in notes I took earlier. I was running through hitting COMMAND-; without the special spelling window open, but with the tools pallette showing Spelling.

One that seemed consistent occurred every time I came to a word with two or more options to correct and I had to select one other than the first by scrollling down with the arrow keys. Hit return and the space after the word vanishes. The error did not occur consistently.

In a few cases this seemed to happen when I selected the first option with the Return key. I think this happened mostly when a number followed the space after the word. In any case, this did not happen all the time.

This is not as bad as the earlier version of the bug that hit every time there were multiple choices, no matter which option you picked, and could delete the first two letters of the next word as well as the space following the first word. But there's still a bug.

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