Step by Step: How to Do Batch Quote Conversion

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Step by Step: How to Do Batch Quote Conversion

Post by jesse_the_k » 2004-12-22 11:16:16

I'm on day 29 of evaluating NWE.

I started using Word in 1986, and I'm just sick of its hugeness and weirdness.

NWE's mission is compatible with my desires.

But ... I'm not a macro-writer or a grep fiend. I'm sure that if I were, it would be easy to batch-convert straight to curly and curly to straight quotes.

Can someone step me through this?

Or better yet, post a macro somewhere that I could just load?

(And then ship NWE with the appropriate grep as part of the default saved searches? Word X did this write: if one searches for straight quote and replaces with straight quote, the effect depends on the current "QuickFix"-equivalent setting. That is, if one has curlies on, then quote to quote curls them; if one has straights on, it straightens them. Works for both single and double quotes.)

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