Keyboard macros, emulation ...

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Keyboard macros, emulation ...

Post by cstross »

I've been holding off buying NWE for a while -- being stuck with Microsoft Word for business reasons -- but my two killer obstacles appear to have been fixed in the past few months (slow handling of large text documents, lack of styles).

However ...

Some dinking around with NWE 2.11 demonstrates that it's possible to assign any arbitrary menu or dialog to a keystroke combination. Some more dinking reveals the existence of Perl as a built-in text processing language. But is NWE fully scriptable in Perl, to the extent of allowing Perl to trigger callbacks in the Carbon app?

(My reason for asking is that in an earlier life I was (a) a perl hacker, and (b) a vi addict. What I would *kill* for is a word processor that can chow down on Word documents but that also handles vi keystrokes.)

Possible, or insane?

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Keyboard macros, emulation

Post by woodson »

Just 10 months and 1 week after your post, here we are. As far as the vi keystroke stuff goes, maybe you could use TextExtras to map keys to commands like you want them. I'm looking into that right now but don't quite know enough to decide.

Good luck - woodson

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