Exporting HTML: Simplifying?

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Exporting HTML: Simplifying?

Post by tbutler » 2005-01-25 15:44:21

One of the things I'm looking at NisusWriter for is a good way to convert RTF to HTML. However, unlike the poster in one of the threads I found here, what I want is not as exact a replication of the formatting as possible; I'm looking for the simplest, cleanest HTML code that can be managed, as I'm going to be running it through additional post-processing and want just the basic formatting tags, no CSS or even font size/family. A couple of sample files I tried looked almost as bad as the HTML Word produces; thousands of paragraphs with garbage like

Code: Select all

dir="ltr" style="text-align:justify;margin-bottom:0.0833in;margin-top:0.0000in;margin-right:0.0000in;text-indent:0.1944in"
mixed in.

Has anyone here had good luck using NWX to produce simplified HTML? Is there a good way to remove formatting in an NWX document before exporting it that would result in a simpler HTML export? All I'm really looking for is the most generic meta-level formatting: Bold/Italic/Underline, Super/Subscript, simple table, and a few structural formatting elements like lists and BLOCKQUOTE (and heading levels if possible).

(The basic idea here is taking various RTF documents and putting them on handheld readers like Palm and PocketPC; complex formatting usually isn't supported on those readers, takes up extra storage space, and can occasionally cause ugly compatibility issues.)

Thanks for any replies!

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