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Am I a bit stupid?

I would like to put text into text boxes so that I can move them around, but I can't find the text box command anywhere.
I could use tables but I don't want the border around the box to print.

Can someone please tell me if there is a way around this?


Ieuan Rees

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Post by Ryan »

My best guess is that you're not stupid, but... :wink:

There's no text box feature in NWE. That's more the realm of page layout apps, such as InDesign or Pages. However, you can use the tables to get the sort of effect (I think) you're looking for.

Make your table however you like, and enter your text into whatever cell you want. Then, select the entire table by clicking on one of its edges. In the Tooldrawer, with Tables selected as your tools, you can change the borders to be nothing. Just click the box with all the lines in the "Edges to modify" part, then choose "None" as your thickness.

Hope that helps.


Roger Larkinson
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Post by Roger Larkinson »

Q. What is a word-processing program?
A. A program that enables you to write text-documents.

Q. Are all text-documents continuous text, interspersed with headings, and optionally laced with footnotes?
A. No. Some (e.g. Bury's "History of Greece" & Cary's "History of Rome") have side-notes, summaries showing contents and enabling readers to navigate.

Q. How did I achieve this effect, using ClarisWorks 1.0Bv, supplied with the Performa 200 in autumn 1993?
A. By learning how to move paragraph-margins, and place text-boxes alongside.

Q. Would it be good if NWE enabled me to do this?
A. Certainly.

Q. Is creating "dummy text-frames" using a two-cell table much of a substitute?
A. Not really: if (e.g.) you conclude that your side-note would go better somewhere else, it's a palaver trying to move it. With a text-frame, it is simplicity itself to do so. Not to mention the waste of space that may be entailed in using a table.

Q. Any other useful features that could be added?
A. More actual menu commands that can be converted into macros, especially for columns & margins.

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