Does NWP have alignment guides? ...Booklet printing?

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Does NWP have alignment guides? ...Booklet printing?

Post by lindas2013 » 2013-11-23 07:20:44

1. Okay, I have searched the forum and I can't find anything on alignment guides. I'm talking about non-printing horizontal & vertical lines you can add to help you position images, text boxes, etc. Not the page margin guides. Does NWP have these? Sometimes they are called Layout guides? In the programs that have them, you can drag them to position them from the rulers, and drag them right off again. And sometimes lock them or have them on master pages, or in the background.

2. Also, I have searched the forum and have found old information about Booklet printing, but nothing helpful with current ver NWP. Does NWP have instructions on how to print booklets? I know I can use "CreateBooklet" and outside option that I added to my print dialog and opens a PDF. However, when using that, it always wastes margin space and I don't care for it. I do use it though. Because I read old posts that mention NWP used to be able to print booklets, I was hoping there is still a way. Are there instructions somewhere? I searched the User Guide, but "booklet" does not show up in the guide.

I'm a newbie so forgive me if these are repeats. I do search the User Guide and the Forum first! I'm learning a lot and there's a lot of features that NWP has that iWork/Pages does not have (and they have removed even more!!). I'm also trying to learn workarounds for the features that NWP doesn't have.
Thank you for any help.

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Re: Does NWP have alignment guides? ...Booklet printing?

Post by Vanceone » 2013-11-23 12:43:02

I'm pretty sure NWP does not have alignment guides. You could probably do something with tables with invisible lines, though. A kludge, I agree.

As far as a booklet: do you mean like double sided printing? Double facing pages, with the concept of a right page and a left page? If so, you want to look into even and odd headers and footers. Create both with page numbers on the right for the right hand page and on the left for the left hand page.

The sections command will probably be useful too.

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Re: Does NWP have alignment guides? ...Booklet printing?

Post by lindas2013 » 2013-11-23 15:59:31

Ah, too bad no alignment / layout guides. I do miss them. I'll try the table trick, it might work in some instances.

For a booklet, I am referring to where you don't have to alter your regular 8 1/2 by 11 page. But, when you go to print it you can choose / select to print it as a booklet and the program will figure out what to print on what side. You can't really do it manually, because when you print a booklet, the Cover and the back cover are printed side by side. You've have to really do some finagling to get every page where it needs to be... the flow. And yes, it is double-sided. After it prints, you fold it in half and staple and you have a booklet!

CreateBooklet is a PDF service that does it pretty well. MacUpdate has a couple of programs that do it. One is kind of pricey being that it looks like that's all it does.

It's just that the margins are sometimes bigger than I want. Also, I thought I saw an old post here that said NWP has a "print booklet" feature. So I thought I would ask, just in case there was an easy way to do it.

Thanks for your reply.
Does anyone else have ways to print the foldable, half-page, booklet from a regular document?

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Re: Does NWP have alignment guides? ...Booklet printing?

Post by Patrick J » 2013-11-24 16:47:58

Hi lindas2013. I suspect that the new Pages 5.0 will mean a fair number of people move to Nisus Writer.

To my knowledge Nisus Writer has no alignment guides. A program which may be of interest to you is xScope. This you can get at the App Store. I have used this for some years and it is generally very useful. With this you can put guides onto the whole monitor. Obviously these are not part of the Nisus Writer document so if you move the window then the guides do not move. However they might be useful for aligning things.

xScope has a lot of useful stuff in any case as well as the guides. I use it for a lot of things.

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