How do I switch away from a Mac App Store purchase?

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How do I switch away from a Mac App Store purchase?

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If you purchased Nisus Writer Pro (NWP) from the Mac App Store (MAS), and would like to switch to using a version of NWP downloaded directly from our website, the process is relatively simple. Starting with version 2.1.1 (and later) NWP will automatically detect your MAS receipt. Follow these instructions to import your MAS receipt to the directly downloaded version:

1. Do not delete the MAS copy of NWP from your Mac. Leave it in its existing location (most likely the Applications folder).
2. Download the "zip archive" of NWP from our update page.
3. If your web browser did not do so automatically, then unzip NWP. Leave it in the Downloads or Desktop folder. Do not put it in the same folder as the MAS version or it will overwrite your receipt.
4. Launch the version of NWP you just downloaded.
5. Choose the menu Nisus Writer Pro > Licenses...
6. Click the button "Enter License..."
7. NWP will try to automatically detect and import your MAS receipt from the Applications folder.

If NWP does not automatically detect your MAS receipt, you will need to hold down the Command key when clicking the "Enter License" button in step #6. That will trigger NWP to guide you through the process.

Once you've successfully imported your MAS receipt, you no longer need the copy of NWP obtained from the MAS. You may safely trash your MAS copy of NWP, and move the directly downloaded version to any folder you'd like (eg: your Applications folder).
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