Use (i) Translate within Nisus Writer Pro

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Use (i) Translate within Nisus Writer Pro

Post by simpliciussimplex »

I just activated all necessary settings on my macs to use the (much better than i thought) translation within the macOS. It works fine on most applications - but Nisus Writer Pro (newest version of course) does not support it - at least i cannot make it work or make/see it as an option in the context menu (right-click / control-click). Hopefully this will be covered in the next version or am i missing something?
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Re: Use (i) Translate within Nisus Writer Pro

Post by martin »

Thanks for your question. It sounds like you're asking about the new "Translate" menu provided by macOS that appears when you right-click on some text. The results appear in a popover like this:

translate-2.png (52.48 KiB) Viewed 544 times

This translation does work in Nisus Writer, but there is a bug. The translation command is not available when your text selection fully encompasses an entire paragraph or spans multiple paragraphs. Is that the problem you're having? If so we plan to fix this issue in the next software update.

If you've having other problems please let us know.
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