Controlling Margins

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Controlling Margins

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Froom another thread:
Tacitus wrote: 2022-08-07 09:06:00 Sorry to push this but there is one other thing.

Is it possible to have a macro which sets all footers at (say) 0.5 inch? When importing a Scriv doc, for some reason it sets the footer (but not the header) within each section at different heights. It must be something in Scriv but I can't find it, so simplest might be a macro that ignores the section breaks and sets *all* footers at 0.5"
If I understand correctly you are talking about setting the margins. Unfortunately this is something for which no access is provided in the Nisus Macro Language. There are also no menu commands for setting the various attributes of a Section, so they can't be set that way either. The only method to control these things are in the Palettes, to which the NML has no access.

My main request for improvement of the Macro Language would in fact be some kind of "Section" object — with relevant properties; access to the Header/Footer, margin and column settings, etc.

In the meantime I can recommend the following approaches for workarounds:

1. Replace all the Section breaks in your document. Have you tried that? This should make all headers the same (fingers crossed)

2. If your section headers have different content, you will need to save that first and then replace it. However since this requires "Different Headers this section" you may need to find some workaround. Maybe a Glossary?

3. Copy the text and paste into a new 'template' document. The template would have the margin settings you want. For this you may still need to engage in the same rigamarole as described.
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