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How do I reset Nisus Writer Pro's sandbox container?

Posted: 2019-02-15 09:33:25
by martin
In some situations you may want to reset the sandbox container for Nisus Writer Pro. This is sometimes necessary to fix odd problems related to file access or permission errors.

The system (macOS) will sometimes show an alert that claims you do not have permission to save a file you created or opened. The system alert usually suggests that you should adjust file permissions in the Finder to fix the situation. Usually this is misleading (the file permissions are actually correct). It's more likely a problem with system sandboxing. If you reset Nisus Writer's sandbox by following the instructions below these issues are usually fixed immediately.

WARNING: Nisus Writer settings will be discarded
Before you follow these instructions, be absolutely certain that you don't mind losing any customizations you've made to Nisus Writer Pro. If you take the steps given below, most Nisus Writer settings and preferences will be reset to their default.

If you want to reset Nisus Writer's sandbox container but preserve your own customizations, you can first backup your Nisus Writer settings. Once you've made a backup, follow the instructions below to perform the reset. Once you've reset Nisus Writer and verified that it runs correctly, return to the backup instructions and use them to restore your settings.

How to reset the sandbox for Nisus Writer Pro:
1. Quit Nisus Writer Pro if it is running.
2. Delete or move aside the sandbox folder found at this location:

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To go there: switch to the Finder, use the menu Go > Go to Folder, paste the above path, and click the "Go" button.
You can now move or delete the "com.nisus.NisusWriter" folder.
NOTE: macOS Big Sur will display the folder name "com.nisus.NisusWriter" as "Nisus Writer Pro".

3. Restart your entire Mac to ensure cached settings are cleared.

How to reset the sandbox using Terminal:
If you're comfortable using Apple's Terminal application, you can execute this command to move the sandbox folder aside:

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mv ~/Library/Containers/com.nisus.NisusWriter ~/Desktop
That command will move Nisus Writer’s sandbox folder to the Desktop, so the system is forced to create a fresh sandbox container. Even if you use Terminal, be sure to reboot your Mac afterwards.