Corrupt spell checker database?

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Corrupt spell checker database?

Post by Purpendicular »

I attempt to teach my dictionary new words. Most of them are remembered, but then, a few minutes later, or a day later, the dictionary has forgotten them. This is without me ever shutting down Nisus. Except when it crashes (which happened today, version 3.0.4).

Today, I attempted to teach the dictionary "hominin" and that word does not take at all.

I guess that there is some sort of corruption of the local spelling database. But if so, or in case there is another problem, I have no idea how to fix it. I assume that it would be possible to throw away some file, but if that can be avoided, I would be grateful. There are after all a few words that I have taught it. Maybe you have a tool to regenerate the database?

Also, the problem is the same for British and US English. In case these databases are truly separate, they suffer from the same problem.

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Re: Corrupt spell checker database?

Post by martin »

The words that are flagged as incorrectly spelled are controlled by the system (macOS), and whichever spelling dictionary or dictionaries you've chosen. That includes any words on which you've used the "Learn" command. Nisus Writer does mediate that process, but ultimately your text is sent to macOS for background spellchecking. It tells Nisus Writer what to flag as misspelled in the document.

For what it's worth, my system also thinks "hominin" is misspelled. You're also not the only user who's written in lately about spellchecking irregularities. Another recent example that was brought to my attention: type the word "ethnopsychology" into any app on the Mac (eg: Safari, Mail, etc) and the system will suggest "ethnopsycholwgy" as the correction!

This is something Apple needs to fix.

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