How do I change the size of comment text?

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How do I change the size of comment text?

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You can change the font size of comments in your document by adjusting the Comment paragraph style. This is a special style that Nisus Writer automatically applies to all comments by default. If you edit this style to change its formatting (eg: font size), your comment text will be updated automatically.

NOTE: adjusting your document view's zoom percentage would also change the size of comments on screen, but it will also change the size of all other document text. Those zoom levels are always the same; you cannot set the comment zoom to be different than the zoom for other text.

How adjust the Comment style's font size:
1. Switch to your document's style sheet, eg: use the menu View > Style Sheet.
2. From the list of styles on the left, select the "Comment" paragraph style.
3. Edit the style's formatting using normal tools, eg: use the menu Format > Size.
4. Return to your preferred document view (eg: Page View).

You should see that your comment text has been updated to take into account the new font size. If your comments did not update, you might have to adjust the formatting manually (see below).

How to manually reformat all comments:
It may sometimes be necessary to manually reformat all comment text in a document. You might need to do this if:

1. Undesirable formatting was accidentally introduced into multiple comments.
2. Your comments lack the "Comment" paragraph style.
3. You need to remove manually applied formatting that overrides the "Comment" paragraph style.

Here's how you can reformat all comments in your document at once:

1. Place the insertion point (aka caret) inside any comment.
2. Use the menu command Edit > Select > Select All (or its keyboard shortcut).
    → This selects all text in a single comment.
3. Use the Select All command a second time.
    → The selection will expand to include all comments in your document.
4. Reformat all selected comments en-masse using normal tools, eg: use the menu Format > Size.
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