Select individual trop marks?

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Select individual trop marks?

Post by HazzMutt »

Anybody know a way to select individual trop marks in a text? I want to add color to just the marks.
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Re: Select individual trop marks?

Post by martin »

When you say "trop mark" do you mean Hebrew or Yiddish combining marks? I'm not clear on the exact difference between tropes, nikkud, points, vowels, cantillation marks, and other Hebrew combining characters, but whatever you call the mark you can select it in Nisus Writer to add coloring.

Let's go over an example. Consider the text "גֶּרֶשׁ" and suppose that you want to color just the segol mark. The basic idea is that you will use the Find panel to select just the mark, and then apply the coloring. To do that you would open the Find panel and insert the desired mark like so:

find-mark.png (10.33 KiB) Viewed 8449 times

You can insert the mark by typing it, or using a menu like Insert > Special Character > Hebrew > Vowel Point Segol. Once you've inserted the mark into the "find what" field, you can click find buttons like "Find Next" to select the mark in your text. The found text selection will appear like so:

selected.png (19.52 KiB) Viewed 8449 times

Although the selection seems to indicate the entire character is selected (the resh base character and its segol vowel combining mark), only the matching segol is actually selected. You can now change its color using standard tools like the menu Format > Text Color.

colored.png (18.11 KiB) Viewed 8449 times

One last tip: if you want to change multiple marks at once use "Find All". You can limit which marks are selected by setting the "Where" option in the "Find" panel to "In Selection" before you do the Find All. That way you could (for example) select a single specific paragraph, and then just find marks within that selected paragraph.
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