location of style sheets

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location of style sheets

Post by dushanm »

I'm having trouble applying the Character Style to a file I'm editing. When I edit the Title style in the current document and assign a keyboard shortcut, it works fine: I can change the selection, apply the shortcut, and the desired style re-appears.

But when I start editing another document, the shortcut reverts to the default, even tho I'd saved the edited Title style. I'm pretty sure that the saved location is wrong, tho I'm not sure how it got that way. So my question is, what is the correct location to which I should transfer the style info. Is it the same as where "Nisus New File.dot" is stored?
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Re: location of style sheets

Post by martin »

The general answer to your question is that each document has its own style sheet. Your "Title" style may exist in one document but not another. A custom keyboard shortcut can only trigger styles that actually exist in the document you're currently working on. So you may first need to import the desired style into the current document, before you can apply it using your shortcut.

You can edit your Nisus New File template to include all the styles you want to have in every new documents you create. That's one way to get the desired styles into your documents, though that won't help with existing documents. You'll have to manually import styles for existing documents. You can manually import styles into a document using copy-paste or our Style Library.

I hope that helps! Please let us know if you have more questions.
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